Chief of Coding Club

Are you the programmer of your campus? Are you the “Go To” programmer on your college campus? Here is the opportunity for you, be our Chief of Coding Club. Network with and learn from the best programmers around the globe. Are you up for this challenge? Join the programme and prove yourself! Promote coding!


  • Passionate about Programming
  • Member of Coding clubs
  • Committed to the Challenge
  • A quest to “Prove Yourself”

WHAT WILL you be responsible for?

  • Create and manage your community on Skillenza
  • Run at least 1 coding challenge(Competitive Programming) every month on the Skillenza platform in your campus
  • Help fellow coders understand the platform when necessary.
  • Organize campus hackathons on Skillenza
  • Be ready to forward our emails/msgs/ social media(create FB groups) across your campus to the relevant and interested parties.
  • Help us with our campus activities like InternHunt, Off-campus hacks, Freedom hacks.

Why should you be excited?

  • To Work with the Best
  • Access to Skillenza Problem Library
  • Cash Rewards, Swag & Certificates at Every Stage
  • Work Experience Certificate
  • LinkedIn recommendations
  • Job opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
  • A Certificate of Internship
  • Certificate of Excellence from the CEO of the company
  • Adding the “Start-up” experience to your Resume
  • Get mentored on the industry level coding by experts
  • Win the monthly contests to get Cash Prizes.