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We are looking for a self-driven, passionate and result-oriented Engineers to be part of our product team that will be dedicated to designing, developing and implementing exciting products and builds new products for the future. The job requires taking independent initiatives and end-to-end familiarity with product development process and software development life-cycle.

The first round is a competitive programming challenge. Post evaluation based on the scores of competitive programming, the candidate will be taken through either a telephonic screening round or asked to meet us in-person for the technical interview.

Take a sample test to understand get a hands-on how the Skillenza Programming Environment looks like.

The test has one coding question which is similar to what you will be tested on. The actual test may have one or multiple questions.

Please read the instructions carefully before starting the test.

Once you start the test, you’ll be allowed to solve the challenge within the stipulated time.

You need to write the full code or write a program in other editor and upload the file.

Select any of the preferred coding languages.

To understand more about the environment, time limits, etc. you can read the FAQs section on the sample test page.

You can solve and save the solution multiple times but You’ll be allowed to submit your solution only once.

If are confident about solving the sample test, you can click on “Save & Quit”

After submission, you will not be allowed to attempt the same stage again

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If you love challenges and have the relevant skills and experience of 2+ years, go ahead and take up the task.

The applications are open till 28th JAN. All you have to do is create an account on Skillenza’s platform and you are all set to take up the challenge.

No. There are no hidden charges. You can register for free.

Software Developer

Location: Bangalore

Years of experience: 2+ years

Key Words: Python or PHP, AngularJS, JQuery, MySQL, Micro-Services, Rest API4

Technical Skills required:


 Should be able to understand requirements and design architecture with end-to- end development from web to DB. 

 Design and Develop various components using SOA. 

 Write maintainable &scalable code.

 Optimize Code, Queries & understand the scalable architecture.

 Collaborate and work with the team and communicate well with the rest of the organization


 A Strong foundation of Data Structures, Algorithms, Database Design & Software Architecture. 

 Problem Solving Approach

 Experience in Web Development with OOPs and/or at least one of scripting language such as PHP (Cake/Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Python(Django) or Perl. 

 Experience with a Javascript Framework such as AngularJS.

Working at Edureka

Working at Edureka

Working at Edureka

Working at Edureka

Working at Edureka

Working at Edureka

Working at Edureka

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