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HackMojo is an offline Challenge organized by Instamojo in Bangalore on 28th-29th October (24 hr ) to hire both FrontEnd & BackEnd developers. After you get shortlisted you will be required to attend the Challenge in Bangalore on 28th Oct.

We are looking for Developers with expertise in designing and implementing high performance web applications. You will be building and implementing business logic and features, building APIs, scale out existing infrastructure.

The job requires taking independent initiatives and end-to- end familiarity with product development process and software development life-cycle.

Selection Procedure :

First Phase – Hackathon.

Second Phase – One Technical round and HR round.

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If you love challenges and have the relevant skills and experience of 2+ years, go ahead and take up the task.

Yes, please bring your laptop and a charger as well.

Third Floor, 12/1, 7th Cross Rd, Koramangala 1A Block, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

It’s a team challenge, the team should have a balance of frontend and backend developers and a max team size of 4., however, if you are alone and your profile gets shortlisted, come to the Hackathon and we will form a team for you.

1. Backend Developer

Role and Responsibilities:

You will be implementing business logic and features, building APIs, scale out existing infrastructure in Django and Python.

Required Experience:

  • Minimum product dev experience of 2+ years in web/mobile startups with expertise in designing and implementing high-performance web applications.

  • You are an incessant problem solver and tougher the problem gets, more fun you have.

  • You’ve proven experience in the past to showcase the previous point either in your past work experience or during study courses by getting involved in open-source
    projects (like GSoC etc).

  • You love to own end to end responsibility, starting from defining the problem statement (either yourself or alongside your peers), development (PoC if needed), testing, releasing in staging & then production env and finally monitoring.

Skills required:

• Java or Python Technology

• Unit testing

• Strong algorithmic, discrete math, data structures, computational complexity, computer security and cryptography skills

• Strong database skills

• Basic systems administration

2. Frontend Developer

Role and Responsibilities:

• Working with designers, product managers to collaboratively own the front-end layer at Instamojo.

• Building responsive and elegant mobile+desktop web UIs.

• Architect, develop and maintain front-end libraries.

Skills required:

• You breathe Javascript day-in, day-out and yet feel that there’s more than you can learn.

• You are aware of Javascript design patterns and can architect a fairly complex UI without feeling the need of a framework.

• You have experience building a product using a mainstream library or framework (ReactJS ecosystem preferred).

• You don’t shy away from writing HTML and CSS because you love designing a beautiful web page with Semantic markup.

• You know what CSS pre/post processors can do for you and can make a fair judgment at choosing them (or not) e.g SASS/LESS/PostCSS
• You love automating things and can write custom scripts (Grunt/Gulp etc) to automate everything front-end.

About Instamojo

India’s largest on-demand payments & e-commerce platform

We make digital commerce universally accessible to create newer opportunities & sustainable livelihoods.

We believe every business idea deserves to be on the Internet to grow. But very few can. We make it possible with technology, data, design and little bit of Mojo (​noun | mo·jo | meaning magic​).

Why you will love working here

Flexible working hours

Snacks & tons of geek humor

Xbox + Foosball + Hoola hoops

Office fun & amazing Fridays

Company Culture

This is a team event, where you have to form your team from the shortlisted candidates, for the final hackathon. It is recommended that the team should have a balance of frontend and backend developers and a max team size of 4.

If you don’t find the right guys to make a team then you can either of these 2 things -

1.Invite your friends ( frontend and backend developers only) to apply for the Instamojo Hackathon. Please not they have to go through the shortlisting process.

2.Come to the venue a little early on 28 October 2017 so that we can help you make teams at the venue itself.

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