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HACKNIGHT 5.0 is a 12 Hrs Hackathon, one of many 12-hours mini-hackathons.

12 Hours to code and build a product organized by Devengers, a community of Skillenza & Sponsored by Microsoft.

Date- 7th Dec - 8th Dec 2019

Venue- Gojek Tech, Bengaluru.

Problem statements & Theme- Open Hack(Subthemes- DeepTech-AI/ML, Mobility or LogiTech, FinTech)

Note: - This HackNight is for professionals only.

About Devengers

[Dev*elopers + Av*engers]

When there was an outlash of bad code all over the universe, the best developers came together and fought the bad code, bugs, compile-time errors and much more. All the developers who struggled through the code, joined forces with the Devenger Initiative by Skillenza to reach 0(1)(Best case) in the quality of software development.

Devengers is an initiative by Skillenza, which is powered by Microsoft. All the Devengers come together to connect, innovate and build. All the content and resources are curated for the developers’ interests and enthusiasm. The Devengers initiative is focused to improve the quality and debug all the complications.

Devengers think twice, code once.

This initiative is focused on creating a substantial shift in developer relations and bringing like-minded developers from around the globe. The program revolves around building community, evangelizing new technology and trends in the current scenario. We are looking for the creation of products that solve problems, as well as are inspiring, engaging, and entertaining.

Devengers are focused on reaching the larger audience and brands through scalability, usability, accessibility, credibility, and usefulness. Devengers are for the protection of the coding world and providing sustainability to the developed system.

As the old man said, “ Together”.
(Captain America)
You got that meme reference!

Glimpse from the last HackNight:

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This HackNight is for professionals only.

The registrations are open till 6th December 2019. All you have to do is create an account on Skillenza’s platform, register on the activity, and you are all set to take up the challenge.

No, it’s free of charge. There are no hidden charges.

It will get published on the day of the Hacknight on 8th December.

Form a team of at least 1 member to a maximum of 3 and hack for 12 hrs.

The day of the event will be an invite-only event. To get an invitation, everyone needs to go through an online challenge. Scoring good numbers in the online challenge will get you an invitation for the final hack.

Yes, you can but we are more interested to view the working proof of concept.

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Theme: Open Innovation Hackathon


  • DeepTech
  • FinTech
  • Mobility

Note: All projects/prototypes should be built on azure.

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