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Not only is Mario synonymous to “video games” but he is easily the most recognizable 8-Bit character out there. He is, without a doubt, the single most iconic video game character in the history of video games.

But Mario needs your help now! He is on a mission to save Princess Peach. But it’s not 1985 anymore and he can’t save her alone. He needs you coders to help him solve the technical glitches on the way to the castle!

He starts his journey on 28th of July, 11:55pm and you must help him find Princess Peach by 6th of August, 11:55pm.

The challenge will test your coding skills, logical reasoning, and debugging skills. It’s a 3 part challenge, and you have 9 days to finish all the puzzles. Applications will close on 6th August, 10:00PM

Please read the instructions carefully before starting the challenge:

NOTE: Please follow the Facebook Page to get updates on the winners for this challenge!

Winners will be declared by 10pm on 7th August, 2017

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  • You have time till 6th of August, 11:55pm to finish all puzzles.
  • For the coding puzzle, you need to write the full code or write a program in other editor and upload the file.
  • You can use Skillenza’s own IDE if you require It supports 15+ langauges.
  • Select any of the preferred coding languages for the coding challenge.
  • For the 2nd and 3rd challenge, you will be redirected to a webpage where you will be solving the rest of the puzzles. All the instructions will be provided.

We invite all coders to participate. However, female participants will be encouraged.

Yes, but beginners can even participate.

Please email us at if you want hints. Or drop a message on facebook. But please take your time in solving the challenges before you ask for hints. There’s plenty of time given.

You must sign up with xxCode before you participate. Sign up here :

Final scores for challenges 2 and 3 will be evaluated on how fast you solve the challenge in comparison to other participants. It will be displayed once the contest is over on 6th August.

Winners get Paytm vouchers.
Special mention and prizes to female participants!

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