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Devengers Meetup

A series of Meetups Organized by Skillenza & Sponsored by Microsoft for the developer’s community across PAN India.

Topic- Microservices implementation with Modern Technologies.

Date- 7th December 2019

Venue- OffBeat, Kolkata

Speakers- Souvik Haldar, Backend Enginner Biostrap

About Devengers

[Dev*elopers + Av*engers]

When there was an outlash of bad code all over the universe, the best developers came together and fought the bad code, bugs, compile-time errors and much more. All the developers who struggled through the code, joined forces with the Devenger Initiative by Skillenza to reach 0(1)(Best case) in the quality of software development.

Devengers is an initiative by Skillenza, which is powered by Microsoft. All the Devengers come together to connect, innovate and build. All the content and resources are curated for the developers’ interests and enthusiasm. The Devengers initiative is focused to improve the quality and debug all the complications.

Devengers think twice, code once.

This initiative is focused on creating a substantial shift in developer relations and bringing like-minded developers from around the globe. The program revolves around building community, evangelizing new technology and trends in the current scenario. We are looking for the creation of products that solve problems, as well as are inspiring, engaging, and entertaining.

Devengers are focused on reaching the larger audience and brands through scalability, usability, accessibility, credibility, and usefulness. Devengers are for the protection of the coding world and providing sustainability to the developed system.

As the old man said, “ Together”.
(Captain America)
You got that meme reference!

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You need to carry your original photo id proof which you need to show to the security.

Yes, it is open for all those who aspire to learn Microservices implementation with Python

The applications are open till 7th December. All you have to do is register on the Skillenza platform.

No, it’s free of charge. There are no hidden charges

  1. Speaker will give a talk about the Topic.
  2. QnA
  3. Networking

The Venue for the Meetup will be announced soon.

Yes, Snacks & Coffee will be available during Networking.

Yes, there is a small parking space available for the visitors. But as its a small one will recommend using public transport for travelling. Everyone has to pay parking charges if you want to park your vehicle there.

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