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We have great news! Owing to the overwhelming response to the hackathon and to ensure everyone gets a fair chance, we have decided to extend the submission deadline by a full week! The last date for submissions is now 11:55 p.m., 15th October, 2018. So you have a full extra week to refine what you’ve already built or to even build something entirely new, from scratch!

Remember - all it takes is a few hours to build something awesome with the API! So go ahead and build the wackiest, most innovative messaging app you can think of, and win up to ₹50,000 along with other cool goodies!

What is /Code?

Looks like it’s your time to shine. Welcome to /Code – an online hackathon for developers to build quirky messaging apps and innovative chat-based experiences using the Chat API.

This is for all the times when you felt like WhatsApp & Messenger just don’t cut it. For all the times you wanted to build your own version – with a ton of awesome features! With the API, you can build your own messaging app in just a few hours…and win cash rewards totaling ₹50,000 for all that effort…

(…along with more uber-cool stuff! Like glow-in-the-dark tees, backpacks, smartphone accessories, earphones, snazzy stickers, wallets, figurines and other awesome memorabilia.)

The challenge is pretty simple:

Build an impressive messaging app that uses chat innovatively, like:

  • A Slack for educational institutes
  • A WhatsApp for places affected by natural disasters
  • Or even a whole new chat-based social media experience

Add unique chat features, like:

  • Show an ‘Order Pizza NOW!’ button on every message that mentions pizza
  • Allow people to privately reply to each other right within a group chat, so their thumbs don’t get tired switching between channels
  • Let users display Animoji as their profile pic, because that animated alien face just looks nicer
  • Or even set limits for outgoing notifications, so that users don’t get bombarded by a thousand notifications if they’re away for 60 seconds

And if you really have that “crazy scientist vibe,” you could even infuse your chat system with AI-based chatbots, location tracking features and more! You’d think it’s magic, but it’s just

How? Because is an API-first chat platform that allows you to create anything with messaging & chat. In fact, adding new functionalties is easier than spelling ‘fnuctionalities,’ thanks to’s low-level semantics that allow data from third party services to seamlessly flow in and out of your chat system.

Want to build awesome stuff with Read our documentation.

Disclaimer: We are still in the process of becoming GDPR-compliant.

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Register your team on Skillenza - 23rd September
You can either be a single participant, or have a team of no more than 4 members

Pre-sign-up on
To get notified on the platform’s launch and other updates Docs are live - 25th September
Explore our docs, tutorials and demo app to familiarize yourself with the platform and get a head start launch & access - 27th September
Accounts go live – create applications & experiment with the platform to prep for the code-a-thon’s launch in the next 24 hours

Hackathon Live - 28th September
Start building!

Bug Bounty Begins
Start hunting!

Last date for Submissions - 15th October

  • Upload your source code to a public repository
  • Upload a screencast of your app to either YouTube or Google Drive
  • Submit a quick write-up on your concept, the app, and why you built it

Impress the judges. Win big.
Also: Special mentions (and surprise prizes) for the wackiest and nuttiest apps of the lot!

To be eligible for the competition, it is compulsory to use the API to build your app or service. However, you can choose to forego using the SDK and consume the API directly. is a powerful messaging communication platform that offers developers the world’s first rule-based chat API.

The platform was created to provide developers complete control and total flexibility in the messaging applications and services they build – to precisely define how the app functions and customise the features that it offers. Whether it’s adding chat to your website, or building an entire app around messaging, allows you to create amazing experiences for every use case.

As a company and brand, is built atop a foundation of innovation, and a vision of empowering people to create newer, better experiences with technology. Today, the humble engineering team at consists of developers from across organizations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and more, who have come together to build an amazing tool for developers. was founded by:
Rohan Prabhu & Sharath Ramesh Iyengar

Check out our blog on Medium, for updates on all the cool stuff from

To be a valid participant in the hackathon, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not use any type of data or content that is illegal or otherwise restricted in your country/location
  • Not use any illegally obtained or unlicensed tools and libraries

Note: will not be held responsible for illegal usage of a product, tool or library by a participating entity.

1st Place: ₹25,000
2nd Place: ₹15,000
3rd Place: ₹10,000

All winners, including runners-up, win a goodie-bag filled with cool stuff worth ₹1,000.

Check in regularly for updates on /Code

Update 1 - 25th September, 2018

  • Documentation is now live! Head to for a low-down on our entire platform!

Update 2 - 27th September, 2018

  • The Platform is now live! Head to to sign up and start building!

  • Announcing the Bug Bounty Program! Click on the Bug Bounty tab to know more.

Update 3 - 28th September, 2018

  • /Code is live! Get up, get coding!

  • New participants can still register and participate.

Update 4 - 29th September, 2018

  • Announcing internships for the 6 best /Coders!

  • Click the Internship tab to know how you can score one

What’s this about?

Report all the bugs you can find, and you’ll stand a chance to win some awesome goodies.
The best hunter will also receive a ₹5,000 cash prize!

Rules & Instructions

Please read these carefully. Straying away from the following points could cost you the competition.

  1. Only use the staging links to find bugs: & If you are found using the production base, you will be held liable.
  2. Upload all material related to the bug – including all GIFs/videos/steps to recreate the bug – to a private repository only (like GitLab). DO NOT use a public repository.
  3. Please report all bugs privately, to Include the following at the start of your subject line: [ /Code - Bug Bounty - 28th Sep]

What Qualifies As A Bug?

Your entry will be valid & considered only if it abides by the following points.

  • Only platform-level bugs will be accepted. This does not include bugs on the Developer Dashboard or the Android/Web SDKs
  • Only behavior that is demonstrably not in accordance with the documented behavior or standard semantics of the operation will be considered
  • Semantic inconsistencies (for instance, the usage and semantics for HTTP verbs) are not considered as bugs, unless they can be shown to be undebatably against common intuition. The decision lies solely with Chronosphere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Security issues, unauthorized access of the APIs, or access to data outside the scope of provided credentials are considered as bugs

We have six internships up for grabs!

If we love what you build for the hackathon, and if your bug-hunting skills are off the charts, we’ll reach out to you with an internship offer of between 2-6 months. The internships will begin by the end of November.

To be eligible for an internship, you need to do:

  • Participate in our hackathon, /Code
  • Participate in the /Code Bug Bounty (Click on the Bug Bounty! tab to know more)
  • Make your app impressively innovative or wacky
  • Show us you have top-notch bug-hunting skills
  • Ensure high code quality throughout your app

We wish you luck, and hope to see you on our team!

Winner Winner Coder’s Dinner!

After carefully going through all the entries, we’ve picked out the top three submissions for /Code. The apps that these Creators built truly impressed our team and judges in their implementation and creative use of the API.

Here are the winners:

  • Harsh Jain - 1st Place
  • Santanu & Anisha - 2nd Place
  • Pradeep Kumar - 3rd Place

                                                          Harsh Jain
                                                  |           1st          |
                                Santanu & Anisha  |                        |             
                               -------------------                         |  Pradeep Kumar
                              |        2nd                                  -------------------
                              |                                                     3rd        |
                              |                                                                |
                              |                    Congrats to the winners!                    |

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