Harness the power of community to

What does Skillenza do differently to amplify your business growth?

Run challenges on the platform to identify the best candidates for your requirements, while proactively building a ranked talent pipeline. Tap into this pool for future potential hires too. Save time and money!
Turn your ideas into unique and original challenges to entice the best minds to work on them. Through this crowdsourced approach to innovation, you get access to the most creative solutions.
Hosting and promoting challenges for thousands of users, both online and offline, means an extended number of individuals know your brand's existence and product value.

Past successful partnerships

Note what our clients have to say about their experience working with Skillenza, and see why it might matter to you
"We were able to access a deep pool of talent and target only the best candidates. We successfully hired 8 candidates over a single weekend."

"Through various AWS activities on Skillenza, we were able to showcase the true value of AWS as a cloud platform to over 4,500 developers in a very short period of time."
"We were able to get new features for our product developed via the challenge - which saved us effort, resources and time that could be better spent elsewhere."